What is Intimate Tantric Massage & Where can you get one?

Intimate Tantric Massage

You probably heard a lot about Intimate Tantric Massage in London for the past few years and asking yourself “what is exactly a Tantric Massage?” Well, before answering this question, let’s find out what Tantric means.

Tantric comes from the word Tantra which is a Hindu/Buddha scripture dealing with different techniques and rituals including meditative and sexual practices. According to Chandra Mohan Jain (Osho), “Tantra is primarily about uniting love, spirituality and sexuality with awareness.

The primary aim of a Tantric Massage is to achieve growth through pleasurable and physical touch. It allows you to feel your body as it is being touched and aroused sexually. Think of Tantric massage as an overall development of your body and mind that helps you boost your energy and vitality.


Tantric Massage is quite a different experience than other massages. It includes a hot towel and warm oil which is spread throughout your body and the masseuse use their body to massage you. You’re usually not wearing any clothes and you will be massaged all over your body. This type of Intimate Massage London works to awaken the erotic energy and spread it throughout your body.

At the beginning of a tantric massage, the masseuse starts by massaging your head, feet and trapezes which helps you relax and relieve tensions. Then hot towels and oils are used to take you to a deep and intense body sensation. The ultimate pleasure of a tantric massage is when the masseuse use warm oil and body contact to massage every inches of your body.

Very soon, the masseuse approaches your intimate parts. Intimate massage is an important part of any Tantric massage. You will find out there is no shame in this and all you want is the desire to feel the masseuse hands, and this is where you realize what tantra is. Energy flows throughout your body from top to the toes. You slowly lose yourself in time and space and your body is full of energy that nurtures and heals you.

At the very end of this tantric experience, you may lie down for a while, close your eyes and let this experience sink in. You are welcome to talk about your experience with your masseuse and share how you felt during your tantric session.


Now you might be wondering about Tantra and how powerful and sensational it is, but is it real? Or what does science says about it?
In a test ran by a Technical University of Denmark in 2015, scientists discovered that a trained masseuse can influence the brain activity of another person and induce deep states of relaxation, sexual arousal and orgasm. These abilities can be mastered by putting tantric knowledge of energy into practice


According to Sun, demands for Tantric Massage has considerably increased in UK, especially London for the past couple of years. The number of tantric massage agencies are also increased. Unfortunately many of them are working illegally and you should be careful when choosing your agency.
Deluxe Tantric is the leading Tantric Massage agency in London and we offer different massages according to your wishes. Our masseuses have advanced knowledge of Tantra and you will have a unique, sensual and unforgettable experience like never before!

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